Warren Farrell
American Coalition for Fathers and Children
Stop Abuse For Everyone
Men's Health Network
The Fatherlove Hospitality Exchange
The Fatherhood Coalition
The Men's Hour
Sexual Allegations in Divorce
Feminist Hate
NCFM Washington D.C.
NCFM Los Angeles
Desert Light Journal
Battered Men
In Search of Fatherhood
Dan Curry
Glenn Sacks
Men's News Daily
Angry Harry
Independent Women's Forum (IWF)
Men's Health America
Rich Zubaty -- Domestic Abuse Helpline for Men
Million Dads March (Information for individual states)
Family Law Source
Men For Justice
Center for Liberty and Privacy
Alimony Reform
Culture Buster
Men For Liberty
Men's Movie Guide
Everyman Magazine
Jeffery Leving law offices -
Mankind Wales
Male Matters
Alimony Central
California Men's Center San Diego
Mensbiz Shops (great advocacy products)
A Kids Right
Children Need Both Parents
Dad's Unite
Equal Justice Foundation
False Allegations
Fathers For Justice
Fathers Rights-Tulsa
Fathers Rights-Message Board
Judicial Discipline Reform
League of Men's Voters
Men's Legal System
Men's Stuff
Million Dads March
National Fatherhood Initiative
Parental Alienation Awareness
Paternity Fraud
Save ~ Marriage
Shattered Men
Stop The Violence
The Divorce Center
United Civil Rights
We Men

Conservative News Websites:
The Free Republic
Front Page Magazine
Human Events
National Review
News Max
News With Views
Red State
Right Bias
Right Side Media
Right Wing News
The New Republic
Town Hall

Conservative Themed Sites:
The American Thinker
America Coast to Coast
Big Government
Choose America First
Conservative For A Change
Conservative Monster
Conservative USA
Eagle Forum
Fight Political Corerectness
Get Liberty
Keep Up The Fire
Patriots For America
PIG Gazette
Right Side Media
Stop The ACLU
The Public Advocate
Save Our Democracy
Truth Attack
Warn The People

Conservative Personalities:
Chris Adamo
Sean Hannity
Michelle Malkin
Rush Limbaugh
Michael Savage

Conservative Political Parties:
America's Independent Party
Constitution Party
Equal Parenting Party

912 Project
I am the Tea Party
National Center
Patriots Action Network
Patriots of America
Tea Party
Tea Party Activists
Tea Party Bell
Tea Party Express
Tea Party Nation
Tea Party Patriots
Tea Party Revolution

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The United States was founded on the premise of being free from government, being able to express ones religious beliefs without ridicule, and raising a strong united family.
    Take a look around you. Ever since the end of World War II, the very fabric of what made this country great has disappeared.
    Strong willed men, a solid educational process that educated boys and girls, law and order, respect and discipline, and a high quality of life with little government intervention has been replaced with feminism, an education system that caters to girls and demeans boys, watered down laws that give criminals more rights than honest decent citizens, crude and rude behavior, and the elimination of a strong middle class.
    How much longer must we as a country put up with this? Our two political parties have sold us out. Neither party truely wants a strong nation, only if it is in their best interest.
    Government telling us when we can see our kids isn't freedom. Government telling us that we must pay for programs that fail isn't being free either. And for men to have to tolerate a corrupt legal system that favors women and destroys men isn't freedom.
    And an education system, media, and entertainment industry that force feeds lies, propaganda, and misleads everyone to become bitter towards true democracy and divides homes has made the problems worse.
    The times have changed, and not for the better. Its time to take a stand and take back this country. The premise of this nation, limited government, personal responsibility, strong united families, and a solid education system that educates equally, is the only way this nation will ever be great again.