Live: Ferguson Protests Grow as Feds Prepare
  Telecoms Fulfilled Over 90 Illegitimate Subpoenas from New Mexico
  Canadian vets plan to join Kurdish fight against Islamic State
  Alabama Cop Caught Pepper Spraying Jubilant Student at Close Range
  Bandits in Guinea steal blood samples believed to be infected with Ebola
    GQ Makes Michael Sam a 2014 Man of the Year
  Jorge Ramos: Journalists, Hispanic Activists Convinced Obama to Pay 'Debt' to Latinos with Exec Amnesty
  McCaul: Obama Trying to Bait GOP Into Being 'Grinch Who Stole Christmas'
  Departing Dem Knocks Pelosi: You Have to Know When to Leave
  HuffPost: BuzzFeed EIC's Hit Piece on Uber 'Not True,' 'Sensationalized'

    Teachers get the green light to appeal compulsory union dues to SCOTUS
  Hawaii political action committee under fire for non-disclosure
  Pension funds spend millions on investment fees, but PA taxpayers in the dark
  Instructor may have violated school policy by organizing boycott over GOP signs
  Week in Review: Corbett-supported ethane cracker plant shuffles ahead
    LaRoche Signs Two Year Deal with White Sox
  Obama’s Power Grab
  Thoughts on Obama's Amnesty Speech
  Immigration and the Future
  Mosheh (Son of Isadore) Twersky, R.I.P.

    Obama's Cynical Record on Immigration
  The President Puts Republicans in a Bind
  Obama's Imperial Transformation Is Complete
  President's Action Is Indisputably Proper & Legal
  The Baleful Effects of the Obama Presidency
    Democrat Scolds GOP: ‘Stop Whining and Crying’ About Obama’s Immigration Action
  Voters Rejected Amnesty on Election Day
  The Pentagon Spent $46 Billion to Develop Weapon Systems It Never Bought. It’s Time to Cut Waste.
  Congress Will Be in Session Longer Next Year. Will It Make a Difference?
  Government Agency Under Scrutiny for Telework Abuse

    Agency: Schools helped Lanza's mom 'appease' him
  Will Boehner's House Unilaterally Nullify Its Power of the Purse?
  Gay Rights Group: Immigration Deal ‘Leaves Out Too Many LGBT Immigrant Families’
  Latino Leaders: Obama’s Executive Order Doesn’t Solve Immigration Problem
  Feds Spend $50k to Develop 'User-Friendly, Low-Cost, and Portable' Electronic Tongue
    See Obama’s Message to Ferguson Protesters Ahead of Impending Grand Jury Verdict
  A Cappella Band’s Cover of ‘That’s Christmas to Me’ Is So ‘Beautiful’ Fans Actually Report Crying While Watching
  He Was Outnumbered as Group of ‘at Least 10’ Men Allegedly Harassed His Wife Outside Bar — There’s No Way They Expected It to Go Like This
  Clue Offers Insight Into Years-Long Mystery at CIA Headquarters
  Two Arrested After Allegedly Trying to Purchase Explosives for Use in Ferguson Protests: CBS News

    WSJ: Healthcare.Gov Hacked in July; Networks Fail to Cover
  Fancy! NBC Pays for Matt Lauer to Ride Helicopter To and From 'Today' Set
  NBC: Unsigned Michael Sam Would've Been 'NIghtmare Situation' for NFL
  'Right-Leaning' Joe Scarborough, Tim Russert's Son Added As 'Meet the Press' Panelists
  Paul Waldman: Obama Takes ‘The Long View’ on ISIS, Avoids 'Anger and Fear'
    Tech at Night: Weekend Update
  Seriously, the DNC needs to fire its social media squad over this ‘ethnic cleansing’ own-goals.
  Obama Administration Grubered Americans on ObamaCare Enrollment
  Obama’s Justice Department declares war on school choice
  @RepHalRogers thinks he is Jon Gruber

    Consulate To Issue ID Cards and Passports To Mexican Nationals in Brunswick, Georgia
  Florida State University President Thwarted Concealed Carry For Self-Defense On Campus
  Blue State Blues: My Immigrant Father's Warning—'When Illegality Becomes the Law'
  Obama to Sell Exec Amnesty in Chicago with 'Godfathers' Gutierrez, Emanuel
  Obama Flies Luis Gutierrez on Air Force One for Exec Amnesty Celebration
    Putin’s Malaysia Airliner Chess Game
  High-Level NSA Whistleblower Says Blackmail Is a Huge – Unreported – Part of Mass Surveillance
  What the Media Won’t Report About Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17
  Australia shoots down climate lobby’s scare mongering
  Racial politics may determine who controls Senate in 2016

    Turkish Leader Erdogan Suspected as Muslim Anti-Christ with Hitler-Type Oratory (Youtube)
  No Water For You ! Utah Lawmakers May Cut Off Water to Massive NSA Spying Facility
  Sign Reading "Aids, Ebola, Obama, Thanks Africa" in Nebraska Causes International Stir
  Just Curious: What did Obama leave behind at White House that would delay his departure on Marine One helicopter on Friday?
  Obama Sends $ 3 Billion To UN "Climate Hoax" Fund Run by Communists and Terrorists
    To Amnesty 5 Million
  Black Skin Privilege and Ferguson
  The Good Muslim Terrorist
  Bill Whittle: Selling Conservatism
  Responding to the Slaughter

    Hillary Clinton At Gala: People Affected By Obama Amnesty ‘Served Us Tonight’
  Krauthammer: James Madison ‘Is Turning Over In His Grave’ Following Obama’s Executive Amnesty [VIDEO]
  ‘#HYPOCRISY’: New GOP Ad Uses Executive Amnesty To Attack Hillary Clinton [VIDEO]
  30,000 Lois Lerner Emails Recovered
  Republican Senator Says He — Not Jeff Sessions — Is Next In Line To Lead Budget Committee
    Obama Releases More Gitmo Terrorists
  House to move on border security
  Pro Abortion Radical Wants To Ensure Children Aren’t Protected Even After Birth
  Ferguson police arrest more protesters
  Homosexual HRC Founder Arrested for Raping 15-Year-Old Boy

    Baltimore Police Won't Reveal Cell Phone Tracking Device to Judge
  Students Say High School Allowed 3 Rape Victims to be Bullied (Video)
  Fox News Slams President Obama for Quoting the Bible (Video)
  Darren Wilson Will Not Be Indicted For Shooting Death Of Michael Brown
  Report: FBI Arrests 2 Men In St. Louis For Buying Explosives To Be Used In Protests
    Olajuwon Ali, Brother Ali, Black Panthers Arrested in Ferguson Bomb Plot
  Requiem on an open thread
  Islamic Cleric Who Cheered Killing US Soldiers to Pray at Funeral of Hostage Beheaded by ISIS
  Italy: Muslima Teen Deemed ‘too Western’ teenager beaten by family
  Reporters Mock State Dept for Downplaying Benghazi Terrorists Link to Al Qaeda

    Oklahoma: Muslim attacks Christian with knife, says Muslims need to “step up” beheadings
  Robert Spencer in FrontPage: Hamas-linked CAIR: A terror organization
  Islamic State jihadi tells Muslims in France to attack non-Muslims: “Kill them and spit in their faces and run over them with your cars”
  Islamic State accumulating gold, silver and copper to mint its own currency
  China says Internet censorship needed to fight terrorism
    Ted Cruz: Confused About Cicero
  The House Republicans Finally Sued Obama
  What Obama's Immigration Action Actually Does
  A Neo-Confederate in Nevada's Capitol
  Obama's Immigration Order: The Right Thing in the Wrong Way

    Car Art Sharpie Pen Drawing
  The Greatest Speech Ever Made
  Woman Opens ‘Cuddle Shop’ in Oregon, Gets 10,000 Customers in First Week
  Where Has All Ukraine’s Gold Gone?
  Japanese Visionaries Unveil Underwater City Plan
  Watch And Learn Liberals – This Is How A President Acts And He Doesn’t Have To Lie Either
  ‘Open Borders Virus’ Leaves 11-Year-Old Boy Paralyzed
  Antichrist Nation Of ISIS Has Just Released Something To Usher In The “Mark Of The Beast”

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio Fires Back Against Obama’s Executive Order
  Watch: Michele Bachmann Is About To Take On Obama, And She Needs America’s Help
  Brooke Shields’ Grandfather Paid To Have Her Murdered, But Her Heroic Mom Saved The Day
  Hey Christian, Are YOUR Children Showing Symptoms Of Spiritual Ebola?
  Conflict Between The Circuits: Gay Marriage Back On The Supreme Court’s Table
    HISTORIC MOMENT: House Just Voted ‘Yes’ To Sue Obama For First Time In History
  Who This Woman Thinks Is Responsible For Supporting Her And Her 12 Children Is Shocking
  Father Dies Defending Daughter From 3 Black Men… Al Sharpton Is Silent [VIDEO]
  Disabled Veteran Forced To Remove ‘USMC’ Decals While Neighbors Keep Obama Stickers
  Liberals Want Sadie Robertson Off TV Over What She Said About God

      WBB: California 79, Hawaii 72
  WBB: Gonzaga 89, Montana State 60
  MBB: Duke 74, Temple 54
  MBB: Louisville 85, Marshall 67
  WBB: Iowa 97, Pepperdine 68

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