Nearly $1bn already spent on US military campaign against ISIS
  Report: Obama Has Missed over Half His Second-Term Daily Intel Briefings
  ISIS False Flag Coming Soon?
  “Reporter” Who Broke Propaganda Piece “Justifying” Bombing Syria Clears His Stories with CIA Before Publishing
  The U.S. Government Is Borrowing About 8 Trillion Dollars A Year
    Third Cantlie Propaganda Film: ISIS is the True Islam
  World-Class Show Jumping: Not Just an East Coast Thing Anymore
  Mexican Navy Seizes More Than 2,400 Pounds of Cocaine Following Sea Pursuit
  Feds Tell Texas Schools Which Fundraiser Snacks Kids Can't Eat
  Newsom Still Refuses to Debate Nehring for Lt. Governor

    Does Ohio’s school staff union really stand with workers?
  Move over Saudi Arabia, here comes the U.S. oil and gas market
  Freshman senator calls for shake-up of PA Senate leadership
  Who’s paying the bill? Report casts questions on GAB and John Doe payments
  Dirty little secret: GOP’s Ashford attack hits state’s top Republican
    Federal Grant Spent $300K Studying How to Ride a Bike
  Federal Grant Spent $300K Studying How to Ride a Bike
  The Unwisdom of Solomon
  The Unwisdom of Solomon
  The Past Cleverness of President Obama Is Finally Starting to Catch Up With Him

    Obama's Pass-the-Buck Presidency
  This Is What's the Matter With Kansas
  Ugly Fight Could Await Obama's AG Nominee
  Our Invisible Rich
  Inequality Bed-Wetters Are Misleading You
    Time to Change Course: Stop Letting Police Seize Property from Innocent People
  They Lost Their Bakery, Now Face Bankruptcy: Government’s ‘Discrimination’ Fine Brings Baker to Tears
  China’s Growing Military Pressure Against India
  China’s Communists See Red When Hong Kong Demands Democracy
  The People, Not the Courts, Should Decide on Same-Sex Marriage

    Chaffetz: 'The President Is Not As Safe As We Want and Need Him to Be'
  Duck Dynasty’s Phil to ABC: ‘Why Wouldn’t You Ever Mention Sin?’
  Obama: Expanding Medicaid Under Obamacare ‘Doesn’t Cost You a Dime’
  Despite Obama's Claim, Border Apprehensions Have Increased Over Last 3 Years
  Duck Dynasty's Sadie Waltzes Away With Praise on 'Dancing With Stars'
    A Muslim Player Dropped to His Knees in the End Zone After a Touchdown, and What the Referees Did After Has Many Upset
  Guess What Brits Spend More Money on Than They Do on Wine
  The Weight-Loss Product That’s So Ridiculous the Gov’t Is Now Requiring the Company to Refund People Who Bought It
  Air Force Vet Gary Donovan Saw a Tattered Flag at a Vacant House and Decided to Replace It — He Was Shocked When He Walked by Later and Saw What Became of It
  Screams of Onlookers Heard in Video of Car Losing Control While Doing Sideshow Trick

    WSJ: Healthcare.Gov Hacked in July; Networks Fail to Cover
  Fancy! NBC Pays for Matt Lauer to Ride Helicopter To and From 'Today' Set
  NBC: Unsigned Michael Sam Would've Been 'NIghtmare Situation' for NFL
  'Right-Leaning' Joe Scarborough, Tim Russert's Son Added As 'Meet the Press' Panelists
  Paul Waldman: Obama Takes ‘The Long View’ on ISIS, Avoids 'Anger and Fear'
    The Real #WaronWomen: Iranian Woman Sentenced to Death for Killing Attempted Rapist
  Neil DeGrasse Tyson: Who are you going to believe? Me or recorded history?
  This is Unacceptable
  Tech at Night: Nobody cares about privacy, not even criminals
  The Vine

    National Home School Organization to 'Vigorously Oppose' Use of Newtown Shooting to Control Homeschoolers
  New York City Red Light Camera Issues 1,551 Tickets in One Day
  Obama's USDA to Spend $31.5 Million on 'Healthy' Food Stamp Program
  Exclusive–Dinesh D'Souza: Holder's Next Job: Crime Boss!
  Schools Nationwide Scramble to Prepare for Illegal Immigrants Who Crossed Border
    Putin’s Malaysia Airliner Chess Game
  High-Level NSA Whistleblower Says Blackmail Is a Huge – Unreported – Part of Mass Surveillance
  What the Media Won’t Report About Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17
  Australia shoots down climate lobby’s scare mongering
  Racial politics may determine who controls Senate in 2016

    Neurotic Democrat State Lawmaker in Chapel Hill NC "Ashamed of His Whiteness"
  US Schools Struggling to Keep Up As Feds Redistribute Illegal Alien Minors Across Nation
  Don’t look away from the arms of a bad dream: Wounded Warriors recovering
  Syrian Official Warns Against Trying to Split Good from Bad Terrorists as Obama Arms Islamic Rebels
  Why is the US Department of Agriculture Buying .40 Caliber Sub-Machine Guns?
    Netanyahu’s Truth in a Den of Lies
  Kicking the PLO Habit
  Analyzing the Oklahoma Beheading Crime Scene
  Repubs to Dems: “Please Like Us – We’re Just Like You!”
  Save the Environment from the Socialists

    Elbert Guillory Attacks Mary Landrieu For Flying ‘Private Jets’ While Black Community Struggles [VIDEO]
  Politico Illustrates ‘Race And The Modern GOP’ With Photo Of Democrat George Wallace
  EXCLUSIVE: Liens Filed Against Dem Senator Jeanne Shaheen and Her Husband For Failure To Pay Creditors
  Chairman Of Joint Chiefs Of Staff Found Rachel Maddow’s Book Insightful
  Democratic Florida Congressional Candidate To Dress As Oprah Winfrey
    White lawmaker ‘ashamed he’s white’
  Secret Service head in hot seat after White House breach details revealed
  Reid, Daschle feud erupts
  Vicar of Baghdad: ‘Every Single Christian Wants to Leave’
  Medical Establishment Tells Doctors To Start Treating Patients For “Climate Change”…

    Mommy Blogger Accused of Poisoning Her Five-Year-Old Son Blames Him For His Own Death
  Minnesota Hunter Mauled By Black Bear After Shooting It
  California Sets Date For Election To Replace State Senator Convicted Of Fraud, Perjury
  Roller Coaster Decapitates Deer In Front of Horrified Passengers
  Math Problem Goes Viral, Sparks Common Core Debate
    FIRST PHOTOS of Oklahoma Beheader’s Victim Colleen Hufford
  Iran executes man for interpreting Qur’anic story as symbolic tale
  “Qatar is arguably the preeminent sponsor of terror in the world today”
  Obama Invites Indian Leader to Dinner While He Is Observing Religious Fast
  Spineless: Obama Blames US Intel for His Failures on the Rise of Islamic State

      How Serious Is the Supreme Court About Religious Freedom?
  Is Rand Paul a True Believer or a Flip-Flopper?
  Eric Holder's Expansive Vision of Civil Rights
  What Does Thom Tillis Want?
  The Mystery Candidate Shaking Up Kansas Politics

    Water Rationing Hits California: Limit of 50 Gallons Per Person Per Day or Face Fines of $500
  ‘Dead’ Man Wakes Up in Sealed Body Bag With Story of Inspirational Vision
  How are Baby Carrots Made?
  Man’s Best Friend: Dogs Save Their Owners By Calling 911
  Salt-Water Powered Car Gets Approval In Europe – Yes It’s Real
    “BLM” Style Raid Fails Thanks to Local Militia
  Christian Literature Banned From Schools, Including Biographies
  Kid’s Perfectly Logical Answer Smacked Down By Common Core Teacher
  Obama says Islamic State was ‘underestimated’
  DAY 4 IN HONG KONG STAND-OFF: Protesters defiant amid stand-off

    SHOCKING: Just-Revealed Major US Terror Ties of Oklahoma Beheading Suspect Are Truly Scary
  WATCH: The Radical British Imam Facing Terror Charges Faces Off Again With Hannity
  WATCH Oklahoma Beheader’s Mother Apologize To Victims
  Wake Up, Conservatives! Examining Conservative “Support” For Common Core
  What Country Has The Oldest Constitution?
    VIDEO: Captured ISIS Terrorists Receive Bloody Beating From Real Soldiers
  VIDEO: This Is What Happens When An Infidel Says ‘F*** Allah’ In Front Of Muslims
  VIDEO: Woman Confronts Radical Muslims Who Are Trying To Move Into Her Town
  PHOTOS: Malia Obama’s Secret Life Exposed
  VIDEO: Room Full Of Marines Do Something Bold Dissing Islamic Prayer

      Harris to start for LSU; Kentucky benching four
  College Football Injury Report
  Kansas fires Weis 4 games into third season
  Associated Press Top 25 9-28
  USA Today Coaches Poll 9-28

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