This Is Not About Feminism…It’s About Control By The State
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  Turkish Leaders Invoke Crusades, Inquisition in Reaction to Pope’s Armenian ‘Genocide’ Comment
  Rev. Graham: Muslims Cast 12 Christians Into Sea to Die Because of Islam's Deep 'Hatred' of Christianity

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  MN State Rep Wants $329,000 Refund from Jonathan Gruber for Work With 'Beyond Laughable' Error Rates
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  Islamic State murders 33 with jihad suicide bomb at bank in Afghanistan
  Hamas-linked CAIR seethes as Pamela Geller Brooklyn College speech moved to larger venue
  Iranian opposition activist: “Obama is the son of a Shiite father… Some people call him the Iranian lobby in America.”
  Slain Charlie Hebdo editor: “Suggestion that you can laugh at everything, except certain aspects of Islam…is…discrimination”
  Video: Robert Spencer on Hillary Clinton’s war against free speech

  Kanye West To Leave The Country Because America Is ‘Too Racist’
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  BASE: UCLA 2, California 1
  BASE: Arizona State 4, Washington 3
  BASE: Ohio State 2, Nebraska 1
  BASE: Rice 8, Texas San Antonio 2
  BASE: Cal Poly 4, UC Santa Barbara 3
  BASE: Oklahoma State 10, Baylor 4
  BASE: Rice 9, Texas San Antonio 8
  BASE: Charleston 8, Delaware 3
  BASE: Coastal Carolina 3, Radford 2
  BASE: Texas Tech 7, Kansas State 1
  BASE: Dallas Baptist 4, Indiana State 2
  BASE: Central Florida 8, Tulane 0
  BASE: Florida State 10, Pittsburgh 6
  BASE: Oregon 15, USC 4
  BASE: Louisville 6, Wake Forest 5
  BASE: Houston 13, Cincinnati 0
  BASE: LSU 9, Georgia 1
  BASE: Houston 4, Cincinnati 1
  BASE: Maryland 9, Cal State Fullerton 5
  BASE: Indiana State 6, Dallas Baptist 5
  BASE: Indiana State 6, Dallas Baptist 5
  BASE: Illinois 6, Indiana 3
  BASE: Florida 2, Mississippi State 1
  BASE: Texas A/M 13, Arkansas 6
  BASE: Florida State 6, Pittsburgh 5