Colleges Teach 1st Amendment Suppression
  DEA Caught Stealing Silk Road Bit Coins
  UK: All Babies to Receive Meningitis Vaccine, Despite Package Insert Warnings
  Night Owls Run Higher Risk of Health Problems
  Police: Men Who Beat Train Passenger for Mike Brown Not Charged with Hate Crime

  Pennsylvania polling has Rand Paul ahead of Hillary in 2016
  Rhode Island considers education savings accounts
  Attorney general OKs D.C. mayor’s all-boys school
  Forced consolidation vs. going independent
  Arkansas’s voucher program heads to governor’s desk

  A World Remade by Fracking
  How Conservatives Hijacked Religious Freedom
  No, Tolerance Isn't the Goal of the Left
  The Middle Eastern Balance of Power Matures
  Mixed Grades for 114th Congress at the 3-Month Mark

  Nebraska State Senator on Saying He’d Shoot a Cop If He Weren’t Nonviolent: ‘I Meant What I Said’
  Rev. Graham: ‘False Theology of Islam’ Compels ‘Radical Islamic Terrorists’ To Kill, Led By ‘The Devil Himself’
  CAGW Report: Cut Waste in Gov’t, Save Taxpayers $639,000,000,000
  NASCAR: ‘Disappointed’ by Indiana’s Religious Freedom Law
  Koskinen: ‘I Have Certainly Never Discussed IRS Business on My Own Personal (Email) Account'

  Upgrade NewsBusted Comedy Show
  Join The Movement
  NB Blank Page Test
  WSJ: Healthcare.Gov Hacked in July; Networks Fail to Cover

  MN State Rep Wants $329,000 Refund from Jonathan Gruber for Work With 'Beyond Laughable' Error Rates
  New York to Ban Fracking; Environmentalists Cheer
  Goodlatte: Court's 'Unconstitutional' Executive Amnesty Opinion 'Good Sign'
  Cruz on Cuba: Another Obama 'Very, Very Bad Deal'
  Alabama's Sessions Steps Aside in Budget Chair Race, Gives Spot to Wyoming's Enzi

  Refocus Live for 4/01/15 : Mark of the Beast, Anti-Christ, Blood Moons,Islam, 'The Force' is Real
  Conservative Refocus: The Mark of The Beast Decoded
  Progressive Activist-Billionaire George Soros Sued by Employees for Unfair Wages
  NYC Mother Kills Infant Son in Fast Food Bathroom: Blames "Hearing the Devil's Voice"
  White Male on Subway Beaten by Black Teens For Refusing to Speak on Michael Brown Death

  Bill Clinton & Chuck Schumer: Bigoted, Homophobic, Gay-Haters
  Conservative Leadership Project: Hoosier Hysteria Exposes GOP Fault Lines
  Group calls for disarming NYPD, removing officers from neighborhoods
  It’s Legal to Kill Babies, But Let’s Worry About a Gay Person’s Right to Cake
  Michelle O’s ‘healthy’ lunches going to the pigs — literally

  Couple Dies In Murder-Suicide Over $500 Lotto Ticket
  NYPD Punishes Detective Who Bad-Mouthed Uber Driver (Video)
  A Year After His Death, A Vietnam Vet Gets The Funeral He Deserves
  Republicans Threaten To Reverse Any Climate Change Agreements
  19-Year-Old Air Force Cadet Suffers Heart Attack, Community Rallies Behind Her

  Teacher Smashes Student In Privates With AXE During a Demonstation
  [WATCH] Check Out This Pilots Amazing Harrier Landing Without Nose Gear
  [WATCH] Hardcore Gangsta Gets a Taser, Tases Himself… Twitching On Floor (Extreme Language)
  [WATCH] Karma Strike: Boom Dad Gets Revenge On Rapist
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  The Case Against Robert Menendez
  End-of-Day Wrap-Up: Repercussions
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  NATO chief seeks closer cooperation with the European Union
  Knox’s ex-beau needs time to ‘heal’ after murder acquittals
  Tunisian museum reopens after deadly attack against tourists
  Small investors blame bad advice from brokers for big losses
  2 US agents charged with fraud during Silk Road inquiry

  Martin O’Malley On Presidency: ‘Not Some Crown To Be Passed Between Two Families’
  DOJ: Lerner Will Not Be Charged With Contempt
  RFRA Response
  PC Police Ban Historical Garment From American College Campus
  Study: Homeschooled Blacks Perform Better Than Whites In Public School

  Menendez Indicted by Federal Grand Jury
  Asa Hutchinson is More Astute & Prudent Than Mike Pence
  The View to Cast Monica Lewinsky As Co-Host?
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  Indiana Pizzeria Under Fire for Support of Religious Freedom Law
  Nigeria’s Successful Election Is an Example of Democracy for African Nations
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  How This House-Passed Bill Could Help Fund Obamacare Enrollment

  The Score on Iran: Howard Dean 1 – John Kerry 0
  Deadly Decades: Roe at 42
  Wow. A petition (on Wall Street returning $300 million to Denver schools) worth signing.
  @AsaHutchinson assumes fetal position
  Border Patrol ignores illegals and begins harassing citizens

  After Indiana Pizzeria Said They Wouldn’t Cater Gay Weddings, the Backlash Was So Extreme It May Not Be Safe to Re-Open
  ‘I’m Confused’: CNN’s Jake Tapper Presses Sponsor of Controversial Arkansas Religious Freedom Bill
  Obama Signs Bill to Promote Donations to Families of NYC Cops Slain in Their Patrol Car
  Justice Department Lets Lois Lerner Off the Hook, Won’t Pursue Criminal Contempt Charges
  How Cellphone Companies Could Be Charging You More While Providing a Way to ‘Save’ Money

  Arkansas Governor Sends Religious Freedom Law Back To Legislature
  PA Lawmakers Locked Out As Governor Negotiates Deals With Public Unions
  Gutfeld SLAMS Media Bias: ‘What Qualifies As A Scandal These Days For A Democrat?’ [VIDEO]
  State Department To Fly Central American Children Into US
  Robert Menendez Indicted On Fourteen Counts, Including Conspiracy And Fraud

  Nine UK Muslims, including four children, arrested by Turkish cops as they try to join the Islamic State
  Robert Spencer, PJ Media: Fooled Again: Why Do So Many American Converts to Islam Learn to Hate Their Home?
  Netanyahu: “Evidently giving Iran’s murderous regime a clear path to the bomb is negotiable”
  Video: Robert Spencer at YAF on the Islamic State and how it can be fought
  UK teachers fear students will join Islamic State, but won’t tell police

  BREAKING: Federal Court Formally Charges Obama With Treason… This Is It
  Head Of Shariah Law Releases Command To Muslims To Do Something UNSPEAKABLE To Christian Churches
  Country Music Star Luke Bryan Sends HUGE Middle Finger To Liberals Everywhere
  Patriotic Student Wears American Flag T-Shirt To School Then Something HORRIBLE Happens… You Will Be Outraged
  Obama Breaks Down After He Realizes He Is Going To Be Impeached

  “Rollie Pollies” Remove Heavy Metals From Soil, Stabilizing Growing Conditions, Protecting Groundwater
  Rangers Protect The Last Remaining Male Northern White Rhino In The World
  Viral Video Shows Family Piling Into Car Trunk
  New York Police Officer Blown His Temper on Uber Driver
  Top Freaky Pics That You’ve Ever Seen

  [GRAPHIC FOOTAGE ] Horrific Video Of ISIS Butchers Decapitating 8 Syrian Soldiers In Hama
  VIDEO OF POLICE BRUTALITY – Cop Promoted After Being Caught On Camera Beating Suspect & Pregnant Woman
  [WATCH] Muslim Woman Takes MASSIVE SH*T In Crowded Mall, Shoppers’ Reactions PRICELESS
  Dubai serves and protects – quickly
  Iraq claims victory over ISIS in Tikrit…but they are still fighting street to street.

  NIT, MSG agree to 3-year contract extension through 2018
  Duke ace Mike Matuella needs Tommy John surgery
  Otzelberger returns to Iowa State
  Iowa QB Rudock cleared to transfer to Michigan
  NCAA reports homers up significantly midway through season
  BASE: Arizona State 7, New Mexico State 3
  BASE: Portland 6, Oregon 4
  BASE: LSU 8, Louisiana Lafayette 6
  MBB: Stanford 67, Old Dominion 60
  BASE: Virginia 5, Virginia Commonwealth 3
  BASE: Florida Atlantic 11, Central Florida 5
  BASE: New Mexico 6, Texas Tech 5
  BASE: Houston 11, Baylor 0
  BASE: Texas A/M 19, Sam Houston State 4
  BASE: Vanderbilt 6, Wofford 0
  BASE: Illinois 4, Missouri 3
  BASE: Dallas Baptist 12, Abilene Christian 1
  BASE: Texas A/M Corpus Christi 6, Texas 4
  BASE: Texas Arlington 8, TCU 1
  BASE: Oral Roberts 4, Oklahoma State 2
  BASE: Rice 4, Lamar 3
  BASE: South Carolina 2, The Citadel 0
  MBB: Miami 60, Temple 57
  BASE: Louisville 16, Miami OH 5
  Tennessee hires former Texas coach Rick Barnes